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06 Mar 20
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It's tough to live without gadgets today. From opening a door to cooking a meal, there's some product or the other trying to help you in every sector of life. It's the presence of these Useful Gadgets that we can now dream of multitasking without a break. This calls for a new age where you living is way more smarter than you think it is.

With High Definition devices becoming increasingly popular, it's important to select the correct cable. But what exactly is HDMI and what do all the numbers mean.

01 Apr 20

Have you ever wanted to block outside noise? Do you often find yourself turning up the volume on your music so you can hear it over the sounds around you? If the answer is yes, then you may appreciate

09 Apr 20

As a portable device, the iPod is often used by people who want to hear their favorite music and audio while they're on the go, driving in their car.

18 May 20

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04 Jun 20
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A Guide to Home Theater Receivers
When it comes to home theater systems, receivers play a crucial role.
07 Jul 20
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All About Car Stereo Technology
People were considered lucky when they used to have a radio in the dashboard and two speakers in the front doors. Thanks to the latest car stereo technology, car stereos now can compete with home audio systems. Analog has long been transformed to digital format.
26 Jul 20
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Apple TV
What is Apple TV?Apple TV is a small device that uses a cable to connect to your television. It uses wifi to connect to your home network and the internet.
01 Aug 20
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Audio Cables- Setting Up Sound
Audio cables are what allow you to hear what's happening from a source device. For example, if a computer is producing music, you won't be able to hear it at all unless you use some kind of audio connector to connect it to a device that can play it.
28 Aug 20
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Audio Video Baby Monitor
A baby monitor is a device that allows the parent to be able to keep track of their baby from another room. The fact is that as much as a parent wishes it so, they simply can't be in the room with the baby at all times.
Popular Blogs
19 Jun 20
When Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto turned "The Girl from Ipanema" into a classic LP, they probably never realized that the work they were doing would be the standard by which many turntables would later be judged and that's why a turntable such as the Audio Technica AT-PL60 Fully Automatic Belt Driven Turntable is still a hit after all these years.
16 Aug 20
There are plenty of different types of microphones in many online shopping websites and in local stores. Depending on your needs, you may buy one of the many different forms of microphones. There are microphone stands, cabled microphones, wireless microphones, microphone headsets, table top microphones, laptop microphones and so many others.The audio technica microphone comes in many forms.
24 Sep 20
The MP3 player and other devices have become very popular. The many advancements that have been made in terms of technology are amazing. We have much more technology now than we did just five or ten years ago. The technology industry is always coming out with something new and improved. All these devices are to make our lives easier.
Newest Blogs
07 Jul 20
It is a simple expression - car stereo - but on the whole people pay more attention to the car stereo device than they do to their home stereo. Many people are fairly happy with a run of the mill home stereo and will never talk about it in conversation, but the car stereo! Well, that is a different kettle of fish.
04 Sep 20
The surround sound receiver is an important piece of equipment that is more commonly referred to as the AV receiver. AV in this particular instance refers to audio and video. In other words, the receiver receives all this information and then plays traffic cop directing it where it should go.
11 Oct 20
Every year all of the sectors of the electronics industry gear up for their trade show where they can flex their technological muscle. This year in Berlin it is expected that with HDTV hitting the mainstream, the latest models of HD ready TV sets will dominate the show.
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