Ezra The Profession is pure creative energy. It is no surprise that his artistry is a reflection of that energy. Ezra is a photographer, body painter, and stylist. He is one of the original visual artists of The Moving Art Experience exhibit that features the combining of art, bodypaint, yoga, and African Culture.  At this event, all the participants know when it comes to Ezra, expect the unexpected. At the most recent MAE Anniversary exhibit,  Ezra spent the entire show in his underwear and a Spartan helmet...and the crowd went wild! We sat down with Ezra to get an idea of how he started as an artist and what inspires his creative process.

AB+L:  How long have you been pursuing art professionally? 

Ezra: 5 years
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AB+L:  How did you evolve into an artist?

Ezra: Art is something I was born with the ability to do. I can naturally draw.  I have incorporated art into every aspect of my life from childhood to adulthood. In the past few years I have developed a way for my art to sustain my way of life.

AB+L: How would you best describe your work?

Ezra: I think the best word may be Adaptive. My art flows and compliments my canvas and muse in all aspects. It embodies the energy between myself and my model to create an ending product that personifies the emotion and feelings we both shared during the creation of our image.

AB+L: What inspires you/Why do you create?

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Ezra: I guess people. Yeah, People inspire my work. I create to expand peoples way of thinking about art, themselves and how art relates to all of us. Showing people that everyone is art and can create art in their own way. 

AB+L: Advice that you would give to anyone wanting to pursue an art career? 

Ezra : For anyone pursuing an art career my advice to you would be to never forget why you do it in the first place and to honor the responsibility that you have as a creative.

AB+L: What is the biggest obstacle you face creatively? 

Ezra : Finding a way for others to appreciate my work the way that I do. People don't always appreciate what all it takes to be the makeup artist, stylist, body paint artist, and photographer

AB+L: What is the lasting impression you want to make on others with your work? 

Ezra : I want them to remember how they felt when they see my work. That raw initial emotion is what I want people to hold on to. 

For more of Ezra's  work email him at edgeofstyle@yahoo.com. You can visit his website at www.edgeofstyle.net. For art inquiries, contact him via email at edgeofstyle@yahoo.com and follow his on social media via Instagram @ezratheprofessional and on Facebook at Facebook.com/ezratheprofessional


Moving Art Experience's original artists, Invert The World(D.J.) , Ricky Havoc, Ezra The Professional and Dorvilier Olivier (Inspr.Art) sit down and discuss their rise with The Moving Art Experience from the beginning and what it is like to be on the ground floor ushering in a movemen