During our trip to Dallas earlier this month, we caught up with one of the participating artists in the AB+L, showcase, Zack Murray. We sat down with him to gather some more insight on his art career thus far as well as his featured paintings. 

Question: Tell us a little about yourself. 

My name is Zack Murray. I've been drawing and painting since I can remember. I've been a professional artist and tattooer for 13 years. I'm based in Houston,Tx, but I've lived in various places including Savannah and Atlanta,Ga. I tattoo full time, but in any spare time I focus on painting canvases and murals on walls. My preferred medium is acrylics, paint markers, and spray paint. 

Question:  What is the story behind the paintings featured in AB+L?

The work that I showcased this year was my interpretation of an urban twist on Alphonse Mucha's 4 seasons. All four seasons have the same girl. In each seson she has elements of mehndi patterns which I often incorporate in my tattoo work. She's dressed according to the seasons and is holding a different refrigerated boxcar with the colors schemes coordinating to the seasons they're associated with.
I am also a huge "railfan", or fan of the railroad, and feel the railroad is essential to the life of a city. The tracks run through it like veins, providing transportation for people and goods to all points: north, south, east, and west.
The refrigerated boxcars or "reefers" presented in the paintings are still rolling stock, but very rare. Due to large company mergers, most are close to not being running stock in the near future. Reefers also hold the highest priorty on the lines given that they often deliver perishables that need refrigeration from coast to coast.
To top of the paintings I framed each one with art nouveau, interlocking french curves giving movement beyond the boxed in canvas. Each one is painted with brush acrylic and a bit of spray paint with a satin finish.


Question: What has been the biggest take away from being a part of Art, Beats, and Lyrics? 

  The thing I take away from AB+L each year is the excitement to get ready for the next one, the lasting memory of a great party, excellent music, and stimulating conversation. Most of all inspiration from the other artists, new and old, gifting me with new ideas, new perspectives, and the motivation to start on the next years projects.
For more on Zack, follow him on Instagram at @zackmurrayart