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March 6, 2020
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10 New Useful Gadgets That Can Make You Live a More Enriched Lifestyle Every Passing Day

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It's tough to live without gadgets today. From opening a door to cooking a meal, there's some product or the other trying to help you in every sector of life. It's the presence of these Useful Gadgets that we can now dream of multitasking without a break. This calls for a new age where you living is way more smarter than you think it is. Here's a look at some of the new Useful Gadgets that makes your dream life finally come true.

Fred Water Flask

The water bottle that fits comfortably in your pocket, so you can carry more water with you more often. When you pledge for a coated Flask, you will receive a matching coated cap and an extra brushed steel cap. A Useful Gadget for travelers.

The Conference Mate

Pro-quality conference room speaker in a compact and portable 4"x4" package! Pair this portable speaker with your smartphone (iPhone or Android), tablet (iPad or other), PC, Mac, or other A2DP Bluetooth device. Non-Bluetoothdevices can also connect, via the 3.5mm jack (using your own audio cable).

Armor-X iPhone 6 Mount Case for jogging, Car & Bike

This is a patent pending X-Mount System which includes a built-in mounting system that allows users to increase the utility of their mobile devices for use outdoors and during various sporting activities.

Bracelet Charging Cable - for iPhone & Android

A charging cable that is always at an arm's length. Hand made from quality leather, for your iPhone or Android device.Sadly batteries won't get better anytime soon so you kind of always need to have a cable handy.

Smart Baby Monitor by Withings

Once paired with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the wide-angle, 3-megapixel camera provides you with clear images of your baby as well as your baby's room remotely. You can talk to your baby from the app or play a lullaby for him directly from the phone.

KaVii Adhesive

A new way to "Stick It"! KaVii is a durable adhesive gel pad that affixes mobile technology and much more to nearly any flat surface. It functions very much like double-sided tape, but KaVii has a thicker core, and unique texture.

Key Caddy by Liquid Co.

The only key organizer you'll ever need. Made from hard anodized aluminum and crafted with beautiful aesthetics by the team at Liquid Co. The Key Caddy can hold an unlimited number of keys and is even slim enough to fit into your pants coin pocket.

Mofa Microfiber Floor Cleaning Mop Robot

This robot can spin around by itself and thus clean the surface underneath while doing so. It's a much affordable option as compared to the general floor cleaning robots you've seen till date.

Shake Dog Potty by Modko

This is a must carry-on especially when you're on outdoor trips with your pets. It's easy to clean and portable too which makes the device absolutely stunning for pet lovers. In order to undergo a mess free cleanup everytime your dog is done with his business, all you need to do is seal tight the unit.

Cacoon Hangout

Consider making your next camping trip even more exciting with this amazing Cacoon Hangout. A representation of what happens to be a cosy rest house where the caterpillar eventually turns into a butterfly, the Cacoon Hangout is designed to take your hammock experience to a whole new level altogether.


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