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July 7, 2020
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All About Car Stereo Technology

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People were considered lucky when they used to have a radio in the dashboard and two speakers in the front doors. Thanks to the latest car stereo technology, car stereos now can compete with home audio systems. Analog has long been transformed to digital format. Some of the latest car stereo technologies are surround sound, Dolby Pro-Logic, Digital Signal Processing, MP3 technology, etc. Just as in the home stereo system, the machinery of car stereo has also changed. The main areas of development are sound reproduction and clarity.

The basis of any car stereo technology is the stereo system. To know more about the field, it is important to know about the fundamentals of the stereo system in cars. In fact, it is good to note that stereo applications get as much importance as the design itself.

The composition of a car stereo system is based on four different sets. A car stereo system cannot work without these components. Amplifiers, speakers, head units and back up input devices like the graphic equalizer, CD changer, etc. constitute the major parts of the system.

The head unit, as the name suggests, is the core of any stereo system. The head unit or radio is called the central processing equipment of the device. It controls all the functions of the application like turning the volume up and down, adding more bass, etc. Every change is made through this head unit or radio. Behind the dash of the head unit, there are dozens of wires connected in various directions with the other systems of the car.

In addition to volume and bass control, this head unit may have other components in it. One of the chief problems is space crunch. Unlike the home stereo system where one can avail a huge space, car stereo system faces space limitations. So, before putting various components into one unit, several factors are to be considered, since the designs of each car varies from the others. Availability of space, heat, cosmetic design, etc. are the deciding factors in the design of head units.

Amplifier, another component of car stereo technology, is generally affixed to the back of the head unit. However, sometimes amplifiers are hidden away from view. In fact, to a certain extent, this updated car stereo technology helps to drive away heat. The amplification signals are handled by two separate gears namely preamplifier and power amplifier.

The function of the speaker is to receive the signals from the power amp and carry the sound to the ear of the listeners. The technique is to transform the amplified signal into the motion of speaker cone. The speaker consists of three components: woofer, tweeter and midrange driver. In car stereo, these components are adjusted accordingly to get the desired sound.

The present trends show that car stereo technology has a long way to go. The improvements are so encouraging that home stereo makers are now producing car stereos also. So, one can expect more and more refinement in this field.


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