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August 28, 2020
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Audio Video Baby Monitor

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A baby monitor is a device that allows the parent to be able to keep track of their baby from another room. The fact is that as much as a parent wishes it so, they simply can't be in the room with the baby at all times. For one thing, it's recommended for parents to leave the babies in their crib in their own nursery room, while the parents sleep in another room. But beyond this, most parents are busy, and they simply can't carry their babies around all of the time. So with this in mind, not only would they want to have baby monitors in their home, but they would want to have an audio video baby monitor in their home.

An audio video baby monitor is very similar to the baby monitors on the market today. However, instead of simply having the audio features that the standard monitor would have, the audio video monitor allows the parent to actually view their baby on the monitor screen. In this way, parents can actually have their eyes on their child. The parents can see exactly what is going on with the child, so that they can feel more at peace about being in another room. Many parents feel that it's not enough to listen to the noises that their baby makes.

For example, one thing that parents have to beware of, is that their baby isn't sleeping facing down. If the parent doesn't hear any noise on the audio monitor, they will assume that the baby is sleeping. However, they won't be able to tell what position that the baby is sleeping in. However, when the parents use an audio video baby monitor, then they can see the exact position that the baby is sleeping in. This way, if the baby has rolled over on its stomach, the parents can rush to the baby right away. Or, sometimes the parents will think that the baby is fine, if they hear the baby cooing. However, the baby could be playing with something dangerous, such as a cord. When the parents have an audio video monitor, they can tell if the baby is playing with something dangerous, or if in fact the baby is safe.

An audio video monitor can run between $100-$200 dollars. However, many parents feel that it's worth the extra money to spend on the security and well-being of their child. This monitor is even created to be wireless, if that's the model that the parents prefer. In any case, the audio video baby monitor adds another layer of safety and security for the child.


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