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September 17, 2020
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AV Cable- Connect to Your TV

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The term AV cable is short for "audio visual cable." This is also sometimes written as "A/v cables" for short, especially in places where they are being sold. These cables convey video and audio data. They let you connect your computer or television to another device so that you can experience both sounds and movie picture through the device. For example, you will often need A/V cables for VCRs or DVD players. In the past, you would have needed separate cables for audio and video parts. If you've ever used a cable that has three prongs at the end that have to go into three different hacks then you have a sense of what this means.

An AV cable makes this process easier. Without a cable that conveys both audio and video information, you get something like in game consoles of the past. Play station often required the three prong technique, for example. It can be a real pain to try and make all the different cables connect together properly. These cables often tend to be of lower quality. The RCA connector end for audio information, or video information, was a type that existed for many years.

Nowadays, the AV cable comes in the form of HDMI, for example. This is a small cord that conveys both video and audio through the cord, all at the same time. The quality is also often much higher using this particular method. Older methods often have yellow cables for right channel sound, and black for left channel sound, as well as something else, like white for video. So there would be cables for both left t and right channel sounds as well. This further complicates matters. It means that if any of these cables fail, then the aspect of that cable will also fail.

If the right channel cable fails, then you would only get audio information from the left side of your speaker, for example. An AV cable like HDMI has fewer parts that can fail. It's also much easier to use adaptors for cables that use audio and visual information both together. This is because if you try using an adaptor, you will need one for both the audio and visual parts if you're using separate cables for each. It can be difficult to make this happen, depending on the set up of the device. It can also be more expensive to make two separate purchases when you could do just one with an HDMI cable.


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