Editors Pick: Renee Gardner- Come Together

by DJ Johnson


At this point I think its no secret that we are Hard Core Renee "The G" fans and she never disappoints! Last quarter she dropped her most recent tracks "Worry" &  "Come Together". She also released video for "Come Together"   right at the turn of the  New Year! As soon as we got the track we blasted for weeks repeatedly and even put it on Reclaiming My Dime premier episode. Check out the new video, it may even make its way to premier on Mad Fresh In These Streets!

You can here more of Renee on her Souncloud pager here https://soundcloud.com/reneegardner. Also follow her on social media at @reneetheg and onlie at www.hiphopsoul.com

DJ Johnson is Creative Director for AB+L Radio. You can see more of DJ's work on his site at www.InvertTheWorld.com