We here at AB+L Radio Pride our selves in finding musical gems in these creative streets. But we're starting to think this guy is a full fledge diamond mine! Simeon Felicien has dropped his most recent single "Ready or Not", and I can admit, I wasn't ready. This song is flawless. The track is what old heads refer to as "Real Music". The melody lures you in, the lyrics stroke your heart, and when the bass drops, you're addicted. We need everybody to get on this drug. Check out Simeons most recent track below. We've attached the lyrics so you can crank up the carpool karaoke.   

Track Produced by Koyo. Artwork by Kirby Matherne

Verse 1

My love

You've gone away

And I know

I've made some mistakes

It's easy to love me

But its hard to forgive

So take all the time that you need

Hook 1

So tell me when you're ready

Cause here I come

Verse 2

My love lets make amends

It's hard to stay true

But it's easy to pretend

You blame me

But there is enough for both of us

And there is a fine line

Between letting go and giving up

Hook 2

So tell me when you're ready

Cause here I come

Bridge/ instrumental

Hook 3

Ready or Not here I come 

Check out more from Simeon Felicien here on his Soundcloud.