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July 7, 2020
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Auto Stereo Systems

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It is a simple expression - car stereo - but on the whole people pay more attention to the car stereo device than they do to their home stereo. Many people are fairly happy with a run of the mill home stereo and will never talk about it in conversation, but the car stereo! Well, that is a different kettle of fish. People want speakers in each door, sub-woofers front and back and a graphic equalizer.

The majority of modern cars come with some form of car stereo already fitted, but these can be pretty rudimentary systems.

In the early days of auto audio systems, car stereos were not much more than smaller versions of indoor, home stereo set-ups. However, the environment was completely different and musical purists could tell that they were getting a raw deal. The speakers were too close together and the vibrations from the car?s engine rattled everything apart. Speakers were puny and frequently blew.

Enthusiasts began to demand better quality car stereo systems . The notion of a dedicated car stereo, if not yet the product itself was born.

Some vehicle manufacturers include their own, factory-installed brands of audio system. BMW falls into this category. All of BMW?s cars are supplied with a BMW car audio system. Many top car makers like to maintain this level of control over the quality of their vehicles.

Other car manufacturers, like Mercedes, prefer to leave the production and technology of such secondary vehicular accessories to third parties such as Blaupunkt.

Blaupunkt, a German company, takes this degree of accountability very, very seriously. It is a huge mark of prestige that they have won the contract to supply car audio systems to businesses like Mercedes. This reputation gains them many more sales from people who want the same quality that is linked with Mercedes luxury vehicles.

Most of the standard set-ups these days include a multi-band radio and a CD player, which may or may not have a CD auto-changer in the boot of the car. The most modern car audio systems may also have MP3 and Internet access. These more recent stereo units usually allow the driver to plug in external media devices containing music or other files.

If you have an older car, you may want to improve your car stereo system to that of something that better suits your requirements. This could be accomplished by just changing the speakers or even adding more speakers.

However, you may think that it is easier or just better to just change the whole caboodle. There are many options regarding car stereos, but if you cannot perceive the difference then there is no real point.

After all, music should not be a distraction from the main reason for sitting in a car in the first place, which is to get from A to B safely.


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