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October 11, 2020
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Discover The Latest News From The World Of Audio

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Every year all of the sectors of the electronics industry gear up for their trade show where they can flex their technological muscle. This year in Berlin it is expected that with HDTV hitting the mainstream, the latest models of HD ready TV sets will dominate the show. There has been some news on other fronts and this article delivers the latest audio news summarising the most recent developments from the IFA.

There have been several additions from Griffin technology the self proclaimed leader in iPod technology covering iPhones, iPods and anything related. Most of the models that have been unveiled are updates on previous models and they include the iTrip Universal, iTrip Auto and WindowSeat for iPhone 3G.

The iTrip universal allows any audio to be played through a 3.5mm connection including portable CD players, FM stereo and of course your iPod. Partnered with the iTrip Auto which has streamlined the process of charging and playing your iPod in car this is a great solution to those M25 traffic jams. For the full set the WindoSeat allows you to mount your iPhone or iPod on the dash board or windshield at eye level to make operations more user friendly and safer.

Although these developments might seem like a bit of an innovative anti-climax Sony has remedied this with the European launch of the Sony Rolly. This unusual piece of audio equipment is a speaker that can move certain parts in a choreographed performance to certain tracks. It has multi-coloured lights which flash as it, well rolls around and flaps extremities. It comes with certain memorised songs such as The Pretender by the Foo Fighters, which will show the Rolly at best.

At around 400 dollars you might be forgiven for thinking what an incredible waste of money, however it is a unique devise and after the initial launch the price might well drop considerably. Something audio with a bit more practical application a considerably lesser amount of flashing lights is the Plantronics Gamecom 777. This is fitted with 5.1 cinematic surround sound allowing the audio to exist in real proximity and gamers can pinpoint enemies via their audio movements.

There is a noise cancelling feature which is designed to lower frustrations when playing multi-player online games and the audio technology is Dolby Pro Logic II and digitally separates and amplifies multiple speakers to create a 360 degree audio effect. This sounds great on paper however it has just been launched and costs around 80GBP which as far as high spec gaming headphones go is not too bad. The IFA continues with most top electronic manufacturers represented so the audio news will continue.


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