By Free The Vision

     Every time America has a situation where the life of a black man is taken by the hands of a police officer, and to no avail, we tend to have the same conversations. All of the self righteous individuals come out to assert the, “Black on Black” crime rhetoric as a means of redirecting the attention back to blacks as if they should be blamed for their own murder…EVEN when they are not the murderer. Let’s clear this up as it seems to be a misunderstood point -

     Black on black crime, is the equivalent to white on white crime, Mexican on Mexican crime etc. whenever someone is killed, the MOST likely suspect for the murder is someone they know. Statistically 85% of white murder victims are killed by other white individuals. Why is it not the rhetoric when there is a mass shooting in a predominantly white area that, “hey whites have to stop killing themselves first…” why when there’s a terrorist attack don’t people say, “if Americans want respect they need to be nicer to each other & stop killing themselves first…” better yet, when a woman is raped should it be said, “her shorts were really short she needs to stop dressing that way or she wouldn’t get raped.” Last one, “You spend your money unwisely so you should probably be robbed.” None of those statements are fair or logical assessments so why when it comes to the black community does the narrative get redirected during tragic events?

     So many are conditioned to see blacks as complainers and barbarians who deserve the fate they are dealt. Blacks have historically been a united front and still faced the same issues. The mass media has a way of vilifying the victims of these circumstances in an effort to lessen the sympathy for the way they were executed. Yet, Dylan Roof- the Charleston church terrorist was not only carried out alive he was protected with a bulletproof vest and treated to Burger King on his way to jail.

     Not to mention, the fact that he is not an anomaly. The Aurora — movie theater gunman was taken into custody with no harm or foul play after massacring a movie theater full of people with military style weapons. During the Confederate Flag rally at Stone Mountain in Georgia, police are use unyielding patience with an irate white male whose hand is on the holster of his gun while in confrontation.

     The political correctness of rationalizing and turning a blind eye to systemic racism & blatant execution is a cultural norm in America. It is easier for people to associate terrorism with Islam than call it out when presented on video at its purest form. The American police force act like terrorist in communities of color. Period. A country hellbent on war, refuses to fight its own domestic terrorist & develop reform. Not to mention this happens in a state that just enacted, in May 2016, the “Blue Lives Matter” bill, making it a hate crime to kill police officers…which is a term they robbed from “Black Lives Matter” to not only steal the narrative but to show just who is most valued & who is the priority of our society. Under any other circumstances, these would be declarations of war, what should the black community perceive it as?

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