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AB+L Radio will be debuting a financial literacy podcast called Reclaiming My Dime this season. The idea was birthed from DJ Johnson, AB+L Radio's Director of Operations, as he was struggling to decide what to do for his 40th birthday (other than blowing money fast). His idea was to have a "Stockpile Party". It started with a blog post that he wrote on his personal site, and has since grown into a relationship between AB+L Radio, Stockpile Investments and Black Wall Street Homecoming, focusing on enhancing financial literacy as well as information and resources to the creative community. We felt it was important to give you a glimpse at how it all began. Check out DJ's blog post from his site below. 

August is my birth month. This marks the 40th time I've seen this month roll around. I can honestly say I don't remember the majority of them. I mean, I'm not saying that my birthdays have not been memorable, but at this point most of them are a mental blur unless I look at pictures to remind me how much fun it was.

For the last 3 months people have been asking me, “DJ what are doing for your birthday?” However, no matter the person asking, my response has been a consistent “I don't know.”

It's not that I lack ideas for a grand ole time, the question I keep asking myself is, “Is this what I really want for my birthday?”
My wants are totally different these days. Do I want to travel the world? Yes. 
Do I want to buy a new car? Yes. 
Do I want to party all weekend with bottles popping, and music blasting?...Not really.
You get the point. 
What I have wanted for my birthday for the last few years has been hard to describe, but I think I am finally able to put it into words and how I got here.

About 6 years ago my grandfather passed on the night of my birthday. I was in the club. The next morning when I heard he had passed, of course I was devastated, but my grandfather left one helluva legacy. 
One of most important thing my grandfather showed me until his dying day was how to be responsible for your personal affairs. When it was time to transition he had the business handled before his health faded. And not just his health, but my grandmother's as well. He made sure bills were paid and policies were in place.

Since then I have been obsessed with taking a more hands on approach to managing my life. It's hard to imagine myself (and or my friends) spending absurd amounts of money on consumption for my birthday. I don't even want my family and friends blowing money just to celebrate my birthday! I mean, yes I love the shots, the trinkets, oatmeal raisin cookies...All of that! But lately I want something that means a little more to me and my existence. I want security for my birthday.
The gift I want for my birthday is to know that I am better prepared for the year or years to come. The question now, how would I tell my mom to go buy that for me? I had no clue as to what this looked like tangibly. 

Last year I decided to take my retirement account and manage it more myself as opposed to trusting brokers and financial planners. I learned so much that it was unreal. I have gained so much insight into investing that I can no longer look at money the same.
So what does this have to do with what I want for my birthday? I will tell you, I want STOCKS! Yes, shares of stock.  Don't buy me Hennessy, spend the same amount and buy me a piece of their stock(LVUMY). And I know that sounds like a grand request but it really isn't. Let's put it into perspective:

A night of birthday celebration will cost each one of my friends or family members money. On the light end at least $70-$100. That's considering gas for the night, parking at a venue, then alcohol and food. And if we are talking about anyone who is coming in town, that means you can tack on another $200 minimum. When we talk about the overall expenditure for the weekend we are looking at about 5 grand spent. I don't want that kind of money blown on me just for the sake of memories. I also don't want people to just send me money! I want people to commit with me to create a new habit; change our lives. I want a  

(Before I go any further, no this is not a paid advertisement for Stockpile). 
Stockpile allows you to buy fractional shares of a stock. It also lets you send shares or fractional shares of stock to other people as gifts. And the reality is, some stock isn't expensive at all. Twitter’s stock (TWTR) is trading around $16 bucks! Stockpile has a strong catalog of stocks to choose from that you can purchase for yourself or send as gifts. 
Instead of everyone worrying about outfits, gas, parking, door fees, VIP list, etc, etc, you all can buy me a share of something, or a piece of a share of something. I want to change how we celebrate life. I want us to invest in each other's lives for our birthdays, not waste our money on turning up so much that we need photos to remember how the night went. With a
Stockpile party I will be able to analyze and remember the details of my birthday forever.

You don't have to buy me gifts or shots or anything actually. But if you choose to celebrate with me for my birthday, this is how I want to do it. If you are down to attended my virtual Stockpile Party, click the
Stockpile logo below and get $5 of free stock of your own. Until my 41st birtday you can send me a share or a fractional share of a company. When your birthday comes around, you should do the same and I will come and help fund your party as well!  Here is the link to my Stockpile wish list.

Let's change the way we celebrate life!
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