We are 23 days into the New Year.  So far Donald Glover shamelessly plugged "Bad & Boujee" at the Golden Globes, we've said goodbye to the Obamas, women across the world have marched together in solidarity in record numbers, the Falcons are heading to the Super Bowl, and we're all jealous of #saltbae chef and his effortless cool. With so much going on already, the elephant in the room still exists. Many of you have already fallen off of your New Year's Resolution.

You know the pledge that you made at the stroke of Midnight, saying you won't be like you were last year: that you'll go to the gym, you'll start that business, you'll write that book, you'll find real love, etc. It's okay. We're not judging. We know old habits are hard to let go of, and no one is expecting you to be a "New You" in a matter of a few short weeks. 

So let's call "Do over" now and begin to regroup.

We at ABLRadio would like to introduce a new member to our growing family, Kevin Y. Brown. He is an award winning, International Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, author, and former foster kid. He uses his talents to help listeners maximize their potential and results in the areas of personal development, entrepreneurship, and travel. 

Check out the audio below as Kevin provides "10 Ways to Reach Your New Year Goals and Make Your Goals Great." Hopefully this go around proves to be more successful.

For more information on Kevin, visit his website http://createyourlifeseries.com and check back here next week as we roll out new content.