Reclaiming My Dime

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Reclaiming My Dime is the journey of two guys (hosts: DJ & Mach Diesel) into the world of investments and financial literacy. Because investing is not a common, day to day dialog amongst people of color, with the help of Stockpile, RMD seeks to spark conversations about understanding and applying investment strategies for everyday people in our community. 



Mach Diesel is the head of operations and DJ is the Editor-in-Chief for startup digital media platform, AB+L Efficiently running the platform from a content-production and distribution standpoint is difficult enough. However, being able to effectively operate while navigating the many potential financial pitfalls, while planning for retirement is a completely different challenge, but it’s one that Mach and DJ are determined to attack head on.

Reclaiming My Dime tackles these issues (and much more) through interview-style discussions with the experts in the world of investment and finance. RMD will air semi-monthly, the 1st & the 15th. Show topics will extend into all aspects of financial literacy.

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